A DEVELOPER has been criticised for leaving a street with crumbling kerbs, poor lighting and no road name sign.

Redrow completed work on houses in Kirk Way, Mile End, Colchester, in the spring.

But residents say they are still waiting for the road to be bought up to standard.

Joanne Bonnett, 39, of Kirk Way, has sent a string of e-mails to the company since June.

She said: “How much longer do residents have to wait for their road to be named, so visitors and delivery personnel know they are in the right place?

“The lamp post at the end of Kirk Way still has no head on it.

“It’s extremely dark on that stretch of road, and due to the road and pavement not being even, it won’t be long before someone injures themselves.

“Redrow appears to have forgotten about the state it has left Kirk Way in.”

Martin Goss, Mile End ward councillor, said the company had a legal obligation to bring the development up to standard within three months of the last house being inhabited.

He said: “Redrow has sullied its reputation in Colchester. It claims to be an award-winning organisation.

“The only thing I will be awarding them with this Christmas is a planning enforcement notice.’’ A Redrow spokesman said it was finalising arrangements with a contractor to complete the remaining groundworks on site.

He said: “It will see the road surface topped and other minor works undertaken to finish the development. Work is due to start shortly and we are working closely with Essex County Council to ensure it is completed as quickly as possible.

“We apologise to residents for any inconvenience.’’