WORKERS have called for CCTV in an underpass after complaints vagrants are using it as a toilet.

The Westway subway, in Colchester, is used by St Helena School pupils and office workers.

They have complained the route is often covered in human waste and toilet paper.

Andrew Everett, 33, a credit controller working in Sheepen Place, Colchester, said: “I walk through the tunnel three times a week and it’s disgusting.

“There are loads of school kids who walk that way too.”

Mr Everett said he had also noticed evidence of solvent abuse, with aerosol cans left in the underpass.

He has called for CCTV to be installed.

He said: “The council has had numerous complaints and cleans it occasionally, but does nothing to prevent it happening again.

“It is a public health hazard.”

Martin Hunt, councillor responsible for street and waste services, said the council would continue to patrol and monitor the area.

He said: “The street care team works closely with Essex Police.

“If an offence of this nature is brought to the team’s attention, the police will be informed.

“We have deployed a team to attend and clear this location today.”

A police spokesman said they were investigating the incidents.