A “sewer rat” burglar’s face is being plastered over the internet after he was caught on camera.

Hayley Clare’s Brightlingsea business was broken into by thieves who stole two new computers, worth £3,000.

It is thought the crooks would have escaped with more, but were disturbed by a neighbour who heard them breaking down the door to Clare Web Design, in New Street.

Mrs Clare, 38, said: “It’s frustrating and makes me angry.

“You spend a lot of time working hard to build up a business and someone comes along and does their best to ruin it.

“The police rang at 6.20am on Saturday to say there had been a commotion at the business.

“It looks like two people have gone in and broken down the door.

“They must have been disturbed by one of our neighbours though, because they didn’t get everything thankfully.”

Local businesses rallied round by installing new CCTV cameras and an alarm system to secure the shop over the weekend.

But Mrs Clare hopes to catch one of the criminals by putting CCTV footage of the break-in, which shows his face, on Facebook and YouTube.

She said: “They took down a CCTV camera at the front before stealing the computers.

“But luckily we’ve got another camera they didn’t see.

“One guy looks right into it at one point, but doesn’t realise it’s there. You can see clearly what he is wearing.

“Unfortunately, you obviously have to know him to recognise him.”

She added: “I just want this person found.

“I want as many people as possible to see what they have done. They’re sewer rats.”

A desktop Apple computer and an iMac were stolen in the burglary.

Police are appealing for anyone with information about the incident, or who may have seen the computers, to contact them on 101.