TRAVELLERS have left residents fuming after allegedly dumping rubbish when they vacated an illegal camp in Colchester.

Six caravans, a flatbed truck and a horsebox arrived on the Essex County Council-owned land in Axial Way at the weekend and a pony was spotted grazing on a roundabout.

They pitched near nine caravans that had been at the site since the start of the week.

The travellers had all left the site yesterday.

It is alleged travellers started a fire, leaving a patch of land scorched, and dumped rubbish.

Police were alerted, but say no crimes were committed.

Martin Goss, borough and parish councillor for Mile End, said: “These people clearly have zero common sense or brains when it comes to ingratiating themselves in society.

“Pitching up and tethering a horse to the middle of a roundabout near the new busy A12 is a decision taken by someone who has limited intelligence.

“Starting a fire next to a field is also pretty stupid and again shows a complete lack of respect for fellow residents.”

Dev Dhal, of Cater Walk, Colchester, said: “It is ridiculous – they just come along, leave a mess and push off.

“We work to pay our taxes.”

Neighbour Sarah Legall said: “It’s not on. It has been a bit of a distraction when you are driving past there.”

Essex County Council was asked how much it would cost to clean up the site and when it would be cleared, and why an order preventing the land being occupied was allowed to expire.

A spokesman said: “Essex County Council is aware of the situation.

“Officers are in discussion in order to resolve the situation.”