MUMS claim they are being pushed out of a neighbourhood centre.

Dozens have signed up to a Facebook group after they said Greenstead Community Centre banned children from its cafe in the afternoons.

It was launched after parents were told youngsters were only welcome in the cafe at certain hours.

Crystal Roberts, 28, who set up the Facebook page, said: “Families are now directed to a back room, out of the way. There are no seats for adults and no toys for children.

“It means people can no longer socialise in the cafe.’’ The group, called Bring back the old Greenstead Community Centre, says it has complained.

Mother-of-two Crystal said: “But the managment is not interested. They want to get more money to keep the centre going, so we are being pushed out.

“It’s discrimination, not what a community centre is supposed to be about.

“We want the centre back to how it was, welcoming, a great meeting place, somewhere pleasant to bring your children in between playgroups.”

Trustee Julie Young said: “The centre is predominantly used by mums with small children.

“We have lost business as a result of noise levels created by children playing with toys in the cafe.

“We tried to think of a solution that would keep them happy, so we created a separate room, where parents could occupy the children. “The idea was once they had finished lunch, they could retire to the family room, leaving the cafe free for others.

“I don’t want to give the impression they are being pushed out. We want them to continue to use the centre on a daily basis.’’ She added: “It’s about balancing the needs of all users and making the centre financially stable.

“The trustees are keen to meet with individuals to try to resolve this.

“We want to be welcoming to all, whether a baby or a pensioner in their nineties.”

Children are welcome in the cafe between 9am and 2pm on Monday, 9am until 12.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays and noon until 2pm on Thursdays.