A WOMAN who was sacked after posting comments about her boss on Facebook has said she had no regrets.

Stephanie Bon, of Enville Way, Colchester, was a temporary human resources assistant for Lloyds Bank when she posted comments about the chief executive’s wages on the social networking site.

It was reported bosses at the bank were being paid £8million a year.

Miss Bon, 37, was on £7 an hour.

Miss Bon, who was working for Colchester’s Halifax branch, wrote: “LBG’s new CEO gets £4,000 an hour. I get £7. That’s fair!”

A colleague saw the comments and she was sacked.

Miss Bon said: “I was at my friends’ having coffee and it was on the news. I went on Facebook and within a couple of hours something else came up so I changed my status.

“I went to work the next morning and nothing happened. I went to lunch and when I came back, one of my friends there was saying ‘they are talking about you with Facebook last night’.”

Miss Bon approached her team leader and was told to leave.

She said: “He asked me why I was writing things like that.

“Then my manager came in and said she was disappointed in me. She said I was putting the company down. But I didn’t write anything that was confidential.”

Miss Bon was asked to pack up her desk and leave immediately.

She said: “It was hard losing my job. Luckily I had my friends and family and they were there to help me out.”

But she said she did not regret writing what she thought on the social networking site.

She said: “I can’t believe I’ve been treated so appallingly for what essentially amounts to a chat with my mates outside work.

“If I have got an opinion, I write it because I don’t expect my friends to grass me up.”

Miss Bon got a job as an administrator a few weeks after losing her position with the bank.