YOUNG vandals have been putting lives at risk by ripping up daffodils planted on Colchester’s Avenue of Remembrance and hurling them at cars.

The town’s mayor, Sonia Lewis, said she was horrified to be told about the incident by residents and motorists.

She said: “One gentleman told me he had to pull to the side of the road because there were so many flowers thrown at his windscreen.

“I went down there and there were flowers strewn across the road. It was unpleasant to see such wanton damage.

“It is such a dangerous practice, although I’m sure these youngsters saw it as a bit of fun.”

A police spokesman said: “If anyone does see people doing this sort of thing, we would urge them to let us know.

“The obvious danger is drivers can be distracted, swerving to avoid what can be coming towards their windscreen and crashing.”