A SELF-CONFESSED turkey addict was escorted from a supermarket by security staff after getting into a flap about the cost of a special offer.

Kevin Cook, 43, loves Bernard Matthews’ Golden Roast Turkey so much, he got excited when he heard they were on special offer at Sainsbury’s Tollgate store. He cleared room in his freezer for ten of the turkeys and went to the store to stock up on the product, which he says is usually priced at £3.99 in other supermarkets.

However, when he got to the store, he discovered the offer price was the same £3.99, as the store had previously been charging £7.99 for the product.

Angry Mr Cook, of Ashley Road, Dovercourt, decided to protest against the “offer” and went to the store to hand leaflets to other shoppers, but the police were called and he was escorted from the premises by security staff.

He said: “I live in Dovercourt, so made a special trip over to Stanway to pick them up – but the offer price was £3.99, so I queried it with the manager who said the price had gone up due to the supplier.

“To me it’s morally wrong – everyone is struggling in the recession and food costs are spiralling.

“Turkey is my favourite food. I have a turkey roast 52 weeks of the year – some weeks I have it twice. I’m a turkey addict.

“Their offer was absolutely ridiculous – they offered me £10 compensation for their customer service, but I wouldn’t accept it if it was £30.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said the company had followed rules and had done nothing underhand with regard to the promotion.

He said the product had been priced at £7.99 some time before the offer started. He said: “We are sorry if Mr Cook was disappointed with our promotion on the Bernard Matthews’ Golden Roast Turkey.

“We have apologised in writing and offered compensation and we hope that this will not stop him shopping with us again.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said officers were alerted that Mr Cook was at the store on Saturday morning, but that he was moved on by security staff at the supermarket.