TWO PCSOs on street patrol stepped in to stop a dog fight.

Officers Dan Seymour and Anna Groves separated three Staffordshire bull terriers in Newland Street, Witham, when they saw them attacking a border terrier.

The terrier was treated for serious injuries at Brookend veterinary surgery, in Witham, and its owner, a woman aged 45, was given a tetanus injection after she was bitten on the hand trying to protect her dog.

PCSO Seymour said: “It is probably one of the worst things I have had to do. I have never heard anything like the terrier screaming.”

The attack happened after the three Staffordshire bull terriers escaped.

PCSO Seymour said: “We had been on mobile patrol in Newland Street, when we noticed three dogs running up the opposite side of the road.

“As we got out of the car we heard a lot of distressed screaming. We ran over and could see the dogs mixed in with lots of people.

“As we got closer we could see the three staffies attacking the smaller dog. The owner had let it off its lead to let it escape.

“But two of the dogs were latched on to the terrier – one had it by the chest and the other by its neck.

“One let go, so I moved it aside and literally prised open the jaw of the other one to make it release its grip.”

PCSO Groves made makeshift collars for all three of the Staffordshire bull terriers who calmed down once they separated.

Police have traced the owner of the three dogs which attacked the border terrier and are speaking to them under the Dangerous Dog Act.

They urged owners to make sure their dog is wearing a collar with identification.