TEENAGER Cassie McCord, who was crushed by a car in Colchester town centre, has died of her injuries.

Cassie's family were informed at 11.55am yesterday that all sign of brain activity had ceased having been taken to Queens Hospital in Romford following the accident.

A police spokesman said: "Her parents remained with her and she continued to be linked to a life support machine and the possibility of organ donation was considered.

"The life support machine has now been switched off and Cassie has been certified dead."

Cassie's mother, Jackie McCord said: "Cassie's organs have been used to save others, which was her wish, and to ensure that she did not die in vain."

The 87-year-old car driver remains in hospital. Two other girls injured in the crash were treated for their injuries and released.

Colchester Sixth Form College has held a two-minute silence for Cassie, who was hit by a red Astra in Head Street, at 9am on Monday, while on her way to lessons.

Cassie was on her way to college when a car veered off the road and trapped her against the window of H&M clothes store.