A MAN wrote the name of his attacker in his own blood as he could not tell police who was responsible.

Paul Harvey could not speak after he was attacked at his Colchester home by his long-time friend Spencer Wragg, a court heard.

Gerald Renouf, prosecuting, told Chelmsford Crown Court: “He managed to call police, but his mouth was so swollen he was unable to speak.

“When police asked him who had been responsible, he wrote the name ‘Spencer’ on the tile floor in his own blood.”

Mr Harvey was shaken and upset by the attack and is now nervous, timid and afraid to leave his home.

He is also very self-conscious about a cut to his lip which sometimes attracts odd looks.

Wragg, 36, was jailed for four years, after admitting causing Mr Harvey grevious bodily harm with intent.

Judge Christopher Ball QC also gave him an exended licence of three years. This means Wragg could be recalled to prison if he offends again within the next seven years.

Judge Ball said: “The extended licence will keep a close eye on you and give you the support you would benefit from.”

The court heard the incident took place on May 15 last year, after Wragg had an argument with his partner at their home in London Road, Colchester.

He left and went to Mr Harvey’s home, at Chinook, in High Woods, with another man.

As they talked, Wragg asked Mr Harvey: “Do you know anyone I can beat up ?”

Mr Renouf said: “Mr Harvey thought this was very strange and then without warning, the defendant got up and grabbed Mr Harvey by the throat.

“Mr Harvey later described the defendant as ‘like a psycho in his eyes’, before he was headbutted and remembers lying on the floor where he was kicked.”

Wragg left and Mr Harvey called police. At hospital, he was treated for a fractured cheekbone, cuts and bruises and swelling to his mouth.

Stephen Rose, mitigating, said Wragg had shown genuine remorse over what he had done.

He said: “He feels very sorry over what he did and regrets the injuries he is responsible for.

“He is capable of behaving himself, is drug free and wants to live up to his family responsibilities.”