I would like to comment on your article on the New Inn (Gazette, December 29).

The article stated that the pub “is said to be the only building in Colchester to have been bombed in the Second World War”.

I wasn’t alive then, but I have recently been transcribing diaries of a deceased relative of my husband and these cover the Second World War.

In a nutshell, he wrote about many buildings being bombed and obliterated in Colchester.

In no particular order, bombs hit the areas of Chapel Street, South Street, St Botolph’s Corner, Scarletts Road, Old Heath Laundry, the Sewage Works, Ipswich Road, Vint Crescent, the Wash House of the Maternity Hospital, Park Road etc. There were many fatalities, in total.

A great uncle and his family had their home at 23 South Street and, I think I am right in saying, this was one of the houses that was demolished by the direct hit on the area.

It is said my great aunt and her daughter survived, luckily, by sheltering under their kitchen table.

To quote from Essex At War, by Hervey Benham and the Essex County Standard: “Soon after the raid, a landlord of a nearby public house cleared the glass and debris from his bars and proceeded to serve thirsty customers, rescue workers and relatives of the casualties”.

I am wondering if this refers to the New Inn.

Heather Johnson
Capel Road