A MUM-TO-BE who has been told her baby will be taken into care by social services as soon as it is born is begging for a chance to keep it.

Leanne Spoor, from Clacton, is due to give birth tomorrow.

But she says Essex Social Services will immediately take her child away because of past domestic abuse allegations.

Miss Spoor says both her other children were taken into care three years ago because of allegations of domestic abuse by a third party, with whom she is no longer involved.

Miss Spoor stresses she is now in a stable, long-term relationship and feels she deserves a chance to bring up her new baby.

She said: “They can't just walk into a hospital and take a baby just like that.

“They’re not even willing to give me a chance with my child, and I don’t think that’s right.

“I haven’t been allowed contact with my other children for two or three years. I was supposed to be allowed to write to them, but that hasn’t happened.

“Now, with this hanging over my head, I just don't feel like I’m a mum at all.”

Essex Social Services declined to comment on the case.

The unemployed mum-to-be says she is seeking legal advice in a desperate effort to hang on to her child.

She said: “I’m willing to work with social services, have three visits a week, or every day if that’s what it takes.

“I just want a second chance to prove I can be a good mum.”