ANGRY residents have hit out at thieves for stealing no-parking signs from congested roads near Colchester General Hospital.

People living near the Turner Road hospital are unhappy their streets, including Wryneck Close and Hollymead Close, get clogged with cars belonging to patients and staff.

Martin Goss, parish and borough councillor, said residents had been at loggerheads with hospital visitors who park in the roads.

Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust announced last month it wanted to use land next to Mill Road for a new staff car park with room for more than 60 cars.

Mr Goss said it would be a drop in the ocean when staff transferred to the site from Essex County Hospital.

He said the main problem was with patients and visitors parking in residential streets to avoid paying to park at the hospital.

He said the best way to keep cars out of the surrounding roads would be to introduce yellow lines.

Mr Goss said: “The parish put four signs up at a cost of £300.

“They were very successful at reducing parking in the roads off Turner Road.

“But someone, over the past few weeks, has been going round and taking them.

“They are there to help the residents who are putting up with parking.

“There is definitely some foul play at work here and whoever is taking the signs should grow up.”