NOISY frogs have been given a reprieve after police decided not to destroy them because they were disturbing residents.

Earlier this month, the Gazette revealed Essex Police wanted to remove marsh frogs found in garden ponds behind homes in Mile End Road, Colchester.

Colchester Council’s environmental health team contacted the police’s Wildlife Crime Unit after investigating a complaint from one neighbour.

Using equipment which measures decibel levels, they found the frogs were making lots of noise during the mating season.

The action bemused pond-owners Dominic Payne and James Kent, who said the frogs had lived in the area for decades and the noise they made was quite calming.

But now residents have been sent a letter from the police saying no further action was being planned.

The letter read: “No further noise complaints have been received by Colchester Council or Essex Police and although non-native, I am assured these frogs do not pose a major threat to our native species.

“It is important this species are not allowed to spread from the area.

“For this reason, please do not give frogspawn from your pond to friends or family or move any of the frogs away from this site.”

Mr Payne said: “I’m delighted no action to remove the frogs will be made. It seems to be a sensible approach.”

He said plenty of people had been in contact with him after reading about the frogs’ plight.

Mr Payne added: “Pretty much everyone says it’s ridiculous.

“It does seem crazy the police have invested so much time investigating noisy frogs.”