HUNDREDS of householders in the Colchester district are concerned they could be left behind in the new TV revolution.

Many homes in the district still cannot pick up digital television – just months before the analogue TV signal is switched off for good.

There are still problems with reception in parts of Greenstead, while other towns and villages, including Tiptree, are also having difficulties.

Greenstead residents in and around Scarfe Way and Avon Way have often had poor reception and say they have never been able to use Freeview boxes.

Heather Charlton, of Tippett Close, Greenstead, said: “We must be the last people in the area to receive Freeview.”

Residents with Sky, Freesat or cable are unaffected.

Tiptree residents Brian and Linda King, of Oak Road, had to install Sky just to be able to watch television.

Mrs King, 63, said: “The Freeview box didn’t work at all. We tried someone else’s, just to make sure before we bought one, and even with the Sky television there are some channels we can’t get because of where we live.

“I don’t think it’s right we had to have it just to watch the normal channels, because the Freeview box didn’t work either.”

As part of the digital switchover, the non-profit organisation Digital UK is advising people on what to do.

It says aerials will probably need to be replaced for the switchover, particularly in tower blocks.

Paul Lonergan, of Andrew’s TV, in Colchester High Street, said the switchover for the local transmitter in Sudbury will begin in April.

He said the signal would be boosted, meaning many more homes would be likely to pick up channels.

He added: “People have to get their televisions altered to get the digital signal and they may also have to buy a digital aerial.

“Their televisions will work if they get a new digital aerial. They cost from £89, but people buying them do not seem to mind as it will get them an improved service.”