CALLS are being made to lower the speed limit in a road where a cyclist died.

Jane Wilsher was riding downhill in Mill Hill, Lawford, just after 11am on Sunday, when she fell. The 49-year-old, of Long Road East, Dedham, was taken to Colchester General Hospital with head injuries, but died later that day.

Although there is no suggestion the traffic speed was a factor in her death, residents are now demanding Mill Hill is given a 30mph limit to reduce the risk to cyclists, walkers and motorists.

Currently, the limit is 60 mph.

Merriel Gallifant, who lives in Mill Hill, has been campaigning for Essex County Council to change the speed limit.

“This road is just so dangerous,” she said. “It’s a rat run.

“Three years ago a cyclist was seriously injured after being knocked off his bike not more than a foot away from where this latest accident happened. You only need to walk down the road to see wing mirrors and glass lying everywhere from previous crashes.

“I had Essex County Council take a survey of the road some years ago to see how fast the cars were going. After assessing 642 cars, the average speed was more than 50mph.

“I was absolutely shocked. They need to put up a speed restriction for 30mph along the entire road.”

Brian Rolfe, chairman of Lawford Parish Council, said the council would be willing to approach Essex County Council to ask it to carry out speed checks.

He added: “A lot of traffic uses that road. It’s dangerous because people make it dangerous and travel at high speeds.”

Michael Page, spokesman for Essex County Council, said the council would investigate the residents’ concerns.

He added: “As this was a fatal accident, Essex County Council will also send a senior engineer to investigate the site, as a matter of course.

“We will also act upon any conclusions made in the accident report from Essex Police.

“Our priority will always be to ensure that Essex roads are kept safe for all who travel on them.”