POLICE have set up a new team to deal with Tendring’s “ongoing issues” with burglaries.

A specialist team, based at Clacton police station, will be focused on investigating burglaries and robberies within the district.

The news comes after thieves attempted to burgle the same house three times in a week.

Burglars first broke into the home in Hoxton Close, Clacton, between May 14 and 16, making off with a television and four-figure sum of cash, plus a key to the garden shed.

They returned on May 17 to let themselves into the shed, taking a haul of garden tools, including a rake and spade, worth £50, but were spotted by the returning home owners.

They investigated after noticing their shed door was standing open, and saw four people in the park behind the house, two of whom were holding the stolen tools, but the group ran off.

Burglars added insult to injury by making a third trip to the house on May 20 for an unsuccessful break-in, causing £200 of damage.

Det Insp Mark Watson said the new burglaries team was one of a number of tactics being used to combat the issue.

He said: “We do have an ongoing issue with burglaries at the moment, particularly in Jaywick.

“The team regularly visit well-known suspects and efforts are being made to divert these individuals from crime.

“They also work closely with victims, providing them with support and giving them advice on home and personal safety.

“Anyone who has had to deal with a burglary will know that it’s not just the financial loss that is difficult; more often than not, items of huge sentimental value are taken, so it also has a huge emotional impact too.

“This is completely unacceptable and the teams will be doing all they can to prevent this from happening to residents in our communities.”

Burglary rates within Tendring are considered to be average within Essex, with 73 thefts from homes each month between February and April this year.