A MAN has been warned he may have to take down CCTV cameras at his Colchester home after neighbours objected.

Richard McNaughton has suffered a backlash from other residents over the use of five cameras at his flat in Berkley Close, High Woods.

The 41-year-old installed the system after he was told there was not enough evidence to back up his complaints about antisocial behaviour.

Now staff at his housing association have warned the CCTV system could be a “cause of friction” and its use might breach his tenancy agreement.

Mr McNaughton had lodged a string of complaints over bad behaviour since moving to his Guinness Trust home in 2004, but was told there was too little evidence to take action.

He bought the cameras to help him build up a log of gripes and said he would never be able to provide the information required by the trust, if he had to take them down.

Mr McNaughton said: “Instead of trying to help, the trust is saying they want me to take the cameras down.

“I know there are at least three other people around here with security cameras looking out over the grassed areas – why am I the only one who is being criticised?”

A letter to Mr McNaughton from Guinness Trust housing manager, Alan Newman, said: “I can advise that your use of CCTV cameras has resulted in objections from neighbours and I suggest their use could be the cause of friction with your neighbours.

“I have asked housing officer, Harriet Cooper, to investigate the use of CCTV in a domestic setting and to advise if this constitutes a nuisance and possible breach of tenancy.”

No one from the Guinness Trust was available to comment.