A new term, a new name, a new uniform and a new head.

September will herald a new era for Sir Charles Lucas Arts College in Colchester.

The school will become an academy at the start of the autumn term under the leadership of Colchester Institute, Essex University and NHS North East Essex.

It will lose its reference to the Civil War Royalist as it adopts its new title – Colchester Academy.

About 607 pupils voted for the new name and 92 per cent of pupils agreed on the title, which was endorsed by the academy’s backers.

A new uniform will also be introduced with pupils wearing blue blazers and jackets, grey trousers and a grey tank top with a red stripe.

All pupils will be given the uniform for free, worth about £60 each.

The academy will also have a new head as current headteacher, Jude Hanner, has announced that she is leaving.

Mrs Hanner, who has been a teacher for 28 years, has been the headteacher at Sir Charles Lucas Arts College for about six years and has helped the school come out of special measures.

She said the school’s move to become an academy provided a natural break for her.

Mrs Hanner, who has principally worked in schools in London, said: “I have always worked in schools which are considered to be challenging.

“I wanted to work in schools where you can make a difference, where you can help students who may not have had the advantages of some others.

“This has been the most challenging six years of my career. We have come out of special measures.

“I am proud of what we have achieved as a school, although I am only part of a large staff.”

Mrs Hanner, who is 50, hopes to enjoy a short break before returning to education in the role of an interim headteacher or adviser.

She will be replaced by Barry Hersom, who is currently teaching at a school in Hackney, in London’s East End.