I am writing in response to Kim Naish’s letter (April 20) concerning my input into the proposed Colchester school closures prior to my present political stance.

I welcome comments from my political opponents, although I was under the impression the Berechurch seat I am contesting is one held by the Conservatives, who must welcome councillor Naish fighting their corner, although not for the first time.

What I must correct for the record is that I was present at the meeting chaired by Lord Hanningfield. This was a packed school hall attended by very concerned parents, teachers, pupils and, of course, councillors Harris and Naish, who did have their say.

What did impress me was the fact extremely relevant points were raised from the Mayor of West Mersea to the parents and the excellent teachers.

A massive contribution came from the present and past pupils.

Altogether, it was an excellent meeting, which made perfectly clear to all in attendance the total opposition to these school closures, albeit with the exception of just one person.

It was pretty obvious the county council chairman had attended this meeting with the sole intention that his mandate for these school closures would prevail, no matter what.

I even recall that when the pressure mounted on him, he remarked: “I don’t kmow what I’m doing here.” I didn’t quite catch what someone’s answer was to that.

After the meeting, I took the opportunity to add my name and address to the petition against these ill-conceived closures.

Maybe to the annoyance of some, I will at every opportunity continue the fight in 2010 and every year after until somebody has the authority and good sense to reverse the decision, or at least offer a compromise that would benefit the Thomas Lord Audley and Alderman Blaxill schools.

Colin Mudie
Lib Dem candidate
Berechurch Ward
Mersea Road