For years I have been astonished at the casual manner of recording our votes in elections.

The issue of a polling card provides no practical value, other than confirmation that the elector is registered and telling them where to go to record their vote.

Accordingly, I have marvelled at how easy it is for anyone to go along to the polling station, armed with the simple knowledge of an elector’s name and their address to record a vote fraudulently.

There are penalties of course, but first, catch the perpetrator!

Now that so many avow they will not vote in the forthcoming general election, making their intentions well-known, also the fact the results are forecast to be close, it seems to me the likelihood of fraudulent voting is high.

One simple remedy in the short time available would be to make it obligatory for polling cards to be presented before any elector is allowed to cast their vote, then to consider additional safeguards before any future election.

If nothing is done, those who do not intend to vote on May 6 may care to visit the polling station a little before 10pm just to see that there is still no mark beside their name.

Quite what they could do if there is, I know not.

Peter Styles
Waltham Way