I had never even heard of the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (how much more of their good work goes unheralded?), but when I turned 60 recently, I must have triggered their “Welcome – please come and join us”


So, having sent off the required entry materials, I was invited to attend for a colonoscopy.

Up to that point, I had been genuinely impressed with their efficiency and correspondence, so I attended the primary care trust at Turner Road, Colchester, for a pre-hospital explanation of it all.

No names, no pack drill, but what a team they have up there. Everything was explained. I could question anything I was not sure of.

It was just wonderful!

Then I had my morning in hospital for the colonoscopy itself. It just gets better.

First, a member of the trust team was there – always nice to have continuity – someone has actually really thought this through.

Then, Dr Fox and his team did the business for me. And once again, everything was explained, there was constant reassurance, and even tea and toast afterwards.

Scared? I was terrified!

But, from the start to the finish, everyone at the primary care trust and Turner Road gave their very best professional effort to the task.

I was more than impressed. I was amazed at just how good they all were.

So, thank you, thank you and thank you all again.

I really did appreciate all you did for me – including getting a clean bill of health, albeit I have another invite for two years’ time.

Peter Doyle
St Andrew’s Avenue