I would like to respond to the letter (April 19) about antisocial behaviour at a block of council flats.

Without wanting to go into details, we are doing all we can to help the residents at the block in question.

I’d like to make a few general points about how we deal with antisocial behaviour.

We have a special team which deals with antisocial behaviour cases, which shows you just how importantly we view the issue.

Where necessary, we take legal action against residents who are making other people’s lives a misery.

T his could be an injunction to prevent certain kinds of behaviour or activities. We can also go to court to evict tenants.

We try to resolve these cases as quickly as possible.

However, legal processes can sometimes take longer than anticipated to come to a conclusion. This can be for reasons which are outside our control.

Where our residents have been the victims of antisocial behaviour, we provide them with as much help and support as we can.

We want to help people come forward so we can reduce the amount of antisocial behaviour in our community.

Karen Loweman
Director of housing
Colchester Borough