I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know the families living at Bridgeside, Stanway, and have to say they are very pleasant people.

The families living there are not travellers.

By definition, travellers travel, and, as the families on this site will tell you, anyone can be a traveller.

However, they remain where they are and have no intention of going anywhere.

The families are happier to be known as gipsies and, in fact, are true Romany gipsies.

Now, as I understand the law, it would be wrong of Colchester Council to force them to move off their land as this would constitute discrimination under Section 1 of the Race Relations Act 1976.

Also, under Section 3 of the same Act, it is unlawful for anyone, including Colchester Council, to harass these people.

I would, therefore, ask everyone to leave them where they are.

They are good, Christian people, who regularly attend church and are doing no one any harm.

I urge the whole community of Stanway to support them in their quest to remain on their site.

Roger Bradshaw
Bedford Road