A MAN stabbed in a flat has named the person allegedly responsible for the attack.

Adam Richer told a court he caught a “quick glimpse” of his attacker during the incident in Colchester, early on New Year’s Day.

He had been out celebrating at the time and had gone to a flat after walking home a woman he knew.

In the flat, Mr Richer said he had fallen asleep and the next thing he knew, he was on his feet in a corridor after someone hit him in the face.

Chelmsford Crown Court jury has heard Justin Faircloth was the estranged husband of the woman Mr Richer had walked home, and he arrived at the flat in Craig Court in the early hours and asked to see her children.

When he saw Mr Richer’s shoes in the flat, he allegedly stabbed him – twice in the back and once in the arm.

Mr Richer told the jury he remembered little of the incident as he had been drinking, but he did tell the court he knew who his alleged attacker was.

“I got a quick glimpse of him,” Mr Richer told the jury.

Richard Kelly, prosecuting, asked him: “Did you glimpse enough of the person to recognise him. Was it someone you knew by name?”

Mr Richer replied: “Justin Faircloth.”

The jury heard Mr Richer managed to get out of the house and went back to his father’s home.

Police were called and they followed the blood trail from the house back to the flats in Craig Court, but Faircloth was not there.

Police found him a couple of days later at a house in Timber Hill, Colchester. He declined to answer any police questions.

Faircloth, 29, from Smallwood Road, Colchester, denies attempting to murder Mr Richer and another charge of causing him grievous bodily harm with intent.

The trial continues.