Thanks for another aerial photo of the Visual Arts Facility (Gazette, April 19) and your report on its estimated final cost of £25million.

We need our heads examined.

This monstrosity looks like a glorified “bike shed”

– without even a toilet.

I am not against art and progress. Last Saturday, I took the coach to London and visited the V & A.

The museum was packed out and everyone was having a lovely day.

What the V & A offers is classic arts of established, traditional good taste the public understand and enjoy.

The variety and range of the exhibits is equally astounding. It caters for all tastes.

In comparison, just what will the Vaf offer?

How can the public at large “love” such an ugly and expensive empty shell?

Approaching it from the outside is an off-putter.

It looks like half a dustbin.

If someone journeys from London to Colchester to see the Vaf, I suggest they will be mightily disappointed.

They would repeat their visit to the V & A.

But I suspect they will tell their friends not to bother about visiting Colchester to see the Vaf.

It isn’t adequate for councillor Paul Smith to try to talk it up.

To pour £25million of taxpayers’ money into such a project has to be completely barmy.

The question is, would those responsible have done it with their own money? Would the average taxpayer have done it?

Those responsible have left the taxpayers with a big, ugly millstone round our necks.

Love it? No, I don’t think so.

Just consider what that £25million could have been spent on that would be of benefit to all the Colchester citizens.

Allan Hewitt
Bluebell Way