NEW all-inclusive drinks offers have been branded “disgusting” by the family of a talented composer who is believed to have drowned while drunk.

Ivan Reshetilov died last August, at the age of 23, after wandering off from friends after a night out in Colchester.

He was found dead in the River Colne the next morning.

After his death, Ivan’s mother, Irena, and stepfather, Peter Redman, angrily criticised the English “booze culture”, claiming pubs, bars and clubs should take more responsibility for their customers.

The Government has introduced new licensing laws, which only came into force recently, restricting excessive drinking practices, such as “all you can drink” promotions and so-called dentist’s chairs, where alcohol is poured into customers’ mouths.

However, Colchester clubs are still continuing to offer “all-inclusive” deals.

Escape Nightclub, in London Road, Copford, is offering entry and 12 drinks for £14.95, while Liquid and Envy, in Colchester High Street, is offering a similar offer for £13.50.

The offers are still legal as they specify a number of drinks included in the offer.

Mr Redman, from Rowhedge, hit out at the use of the law.

He said: “I think it is disgusting the Government appears to be conspiring with licensees to get round the laws.

“You have only got to drive through Colchester High Street on a Friday or Saturday night to see for yourself the way people are.

“Stopping these sorts of promotions and cutting back on cheap alcohol, so people pay more, is something I suppose the Government had in mind when it introduced the proposals.

“Given the average price of a pint or a spirit is approaching the £3 mark, that is one hell of a cut in price.”

He added: “To me, it seems making arrangements like this is evading the guidelines.”

Damien Stone, manager of Escape Nightclub, said its all-inclusive deal had been agreed with Colchester Council and excluded shots and champagne.

He added: “When the licensing law was changed, I was in consultation with the police and the council’s licensing department.

“Last week, we changed the promotion in accordance with the law.

“If you have a fixed fee, you have to state the quantity of drink.”

An inquest into Ivan’s death has not yet been held.