A man has been ordered into psychiatric care "indefinitely" for a horrific attack at a South Ockendon pub.

Brian Bolger was sent to the hospital for what was described as a "quite an extraordinary ferocious and lethal attack."

His younger brother Jason, 22, is already serving a life sentence for the killing of pub customer Gary Edwards.

Brian Bolger, 27, had denied the murder of Mr Edwards but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Sentence had been adjourned until the end of brother Jason's trial and for psychiatric reports.

Mr Justice Gage was shown four separate reports which showed Bolger, from Celandine Close, South Ockendon, was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the murder of Mr Edwards at the Village Inn on March 11 last year.

He is still suffering and Mr Justice Gage the public had to be protected from him.

"You participated in what was a quite extraordinarily ferocious and lethal attack on Gary Edwards," Mr Justice Gage told Bolger.

"You knocked him unconscious and then struck him with a bar stool before he was dragged outside, where this attack of unparalleled ferocity continued."

Bolger was detained in Runwell Hospital under the Mental Health Act "without a limitation of time," Mr Justice Gage added.

The court heard how 40-year-old Mr Edwards died after he was subjected to a frenzied attack at the pub. Bar stools, broken bottles, ashtrays, fists and feet were used in the vicious attack.

Two good Samaritans were also attacked by the Bolger brothers when they tried to come to the aid of Mr Edwards.

He was felled by a single punch from Brian Bolger and knocked unconscious. This was followed by a bar stool being smashed over his head.

He was then dragged out of the pub and subjected to a severe attack, which involved him being kicked, punched and stamped on.

The body of Mr Edwards was dragged from the pub into the road outside and the court heard how one motorist had to swerve to avoid the body.When he went to help, his car was kicked. There was more violence when a passer-by went to his aid.

When a lone police officer arrived at the pub after being called to the scene, he was threatened and chased away by the Bolgers.

They were finally detained by reinforcements, using batons, CS spray and handcuffs.

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