Chelmsford Chieftains have appointed Erskine Douglas as their head coach for next season.

The club, impressed with Erskine's contribution after his appointment halfway through last season, and are confident that with his connections and knowledge he will build on the strengths of last season's team and assemble a formidable squad.

Erskine is talking to some of the players from last season's squad together with a number of British and overseas players.

He said: "I am pleased to be on board for a full season with the Chieftains organisation and look forward to putting together a strong and competitive squad.

''Like everyone at Chelmsford I am determined that we should this year be the 'bride' as opposed to the 'bridesmaid'.

''The organisation is good and together with their sponsors they deserve success, and I intend to build on the strengths of this year's best players by bringing in some good new players.

''I will certainly be looking to add size and aggression to the squad in an effort to bring home the silverware.

Canadian Andy Hannah will be his assistant as well as continuing as an integral playing member of the squad.

Andy will be taking his coaching courses in Canada this summer before returning to this country in early autumn.

Following Karl Goebel's decision to retire, Chieftains have announced that they are to retire the number 19 shirt.

It is not the first time the shirt has been retired, as the decision was made some years' ago when John Holtham retired from playing.

However, the shirt was brought back for Karl Goebel and Chieftains are now determined that the latest retirement will be honoured for good.

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