The Southend to Fenchurch Street railway line - once dubbed the misery line - is set for a major relaunch, it was confirmed today.

The line's new identity will be unveiled next Wednesday.

Company directors have so far refused to confirm details of the name change, which is rumoured to be to C to C.

The new badge is believed to continue to reflect the line's destinations - from the sea to the capital.

It's current title, LTS, stands for London, Tilbury, Southend.

The relaunch comes as the line takes delivery of 44 new trains at a cost of £220 million.

The first of the new state-of-the-art rolling stock will be on the rails in August or September.

In an invitation released today, LTS Rail said: "When our railway was privatised three years ago, we announced our business plan based on the three Rs - reclaim, renew and relaunch.

"Our first priority was to reclaim the railway from the hands of yobs and vandals so we improved security with the introduction of security guards, automatic ticket gates, security cameras, better lighting and fencing.

"We began a £330 million renewal programme to deliver new trains, new and improved stations and better facilities. This is now well advanced and we are looking forward to relaunch - the final phase in the transformation of the route. "

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