Work on a major £250,000 road scheme for Jaywick is due to start later this year.

Essex County Council has approved the money to be spent on the reconstruction of Midway and the project will be the start of an upgrade for many other subsidiary roads.

Essex county and Tendring district councillor Roy Smith, who represents Jaywick, had a meeting with the county's portfolio holder, Ron Williams, at the site.

"Mr Williams agreed on the priority for the scheme once he had seen the road for himself. He could understand why we have been pressing for it for so long," said Mr Smith.

"He said that he would like to see the whole project tackled in one go, but like all these things is really comes down to available cash."

It is expected that preliminary work will take place in the summer to prepare for the main construction which it is hoped will begin later in the year.

County contractors are currently investigating the work that can be carried out within a budget of £245,000.

Mr Smith said this was a slightly higher figure than was first announced and he was grateful the money was being set aside, as were residents in the area.

"What I am hopeful of is that once Midway is completed and up to a standard for adoption, we can start to look at the subsidiary roads and there will be some consultation at that stage."

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