These lucky little McDucklings should not go short of food as they have hatched in the undergrowth outside Tendring's first drive-through restaurant.

The mallards were already living on site when the McDonalds at Weeley was being built earlier this year.

Staff were feeding mum and dad on scraps and making sure they were not disturbed.

And yesterday (Wednesday) they were delighted when 15 little ducklings hatched.

Simon Jones, who has the franchise at the site, said: "The male bird has now left and there's only mum and the little ones. We will have to put up signs so that customers know they are around and drive very carefully."

Mr Jones, who also has the Clacton restaurant, said the Weeley site was going very well.

"It was extremely busy over Easter and Clacton takings were also up on the same two weeks of last year," he said.

"We had one surprise customer at the drive-through when Steve McFadden, alias Phil Mitchell in Eastenders, called in with his son who was playing in a football tournament down this way."

Meet the McDucklings!

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