A woman has been inspired by her father's courage to run the London marathon in aid of the Chelmsford Centre for the Blind.

Collette Morris, 39, will run Sunday's marathon in aid of the centre where her father Sadru Bhanji is treasurer.

From an early age the now deputy head teacher at Christ Church school in London watched her father gradually go blind.

She said: "I was at school - about 10 - when it started to happen and I was inspired by the way he managed to carry on."

Mr Bhanji, 75, of Mandeville Way, Chelmsford, has been a member of the Chelmsford Centre for the Blind since he lost his sight completely in 1985 and is now their treasurer.

He said: "My friend said there's a club for the blind - I went along and started learning Braille and word processing."

The Chelmsford Centre has 50 members that meet on Tuesdays at Harway House in Rectory Lane.

Mrs Morris said: "Just raising money is so difficult for these organisations and running the marathon seemed a really good way to raise the money.

"I think I'm ready - I run the four miles to work and back every day and ten or 15 miles on the weekend - I'm looking forward to it."

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