A couple from Maldon were amazed after bumping into two sets of old friends on a world cruise.

Leslie and Eve Flower, of Wantz Chase, were stunned to find the old acquaintances, who they had not seen for about 50 years, were at their dinner table on board the luxury ship Oriana.

First they bumped into Herbert Everett and his wife, Sylvia, who used to live in Maldon and Wickham Bishops but now live in Oxfordshire.

Another coincidence followed to make Mr and Mrs Fowler, both in their 70s, think Maldon really is the centre of the universe.

They then met Clive Adams, who used to live in Maldon, and his wife, Sally, -- now from Hampshire -- as they sat down for dinner.

With 1,700 holidaymakers on board, all three couples were astounded to find themselves at the unscheduled reunion.

Mrs Fowler said: "With so many people on the ship it was incredible to see people we knew. We couldn't believe it and kept asking ourselves, when will it stop?" she added.

They all now plan to keep in touch.

Fancy that - from left, reunited Maldon couples Leslie and Eve Flower, Clive and sally Adams and Herbert and Sylvia Everett

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