Nuisance youngsters who have been intimidating customers and staff in a charity shop could soon find themselves caught on camera.

During the school holidays, groups of youths have been causing trouble in the Colchester Children's Care Centre shop in Mersea Road, Colchester.

Organiser Ellen Daniels said: "The youngsters move all the things, make fun of them and throw things. It's a nuisance. When you ask them to go away they say: 'You can't touch us.' They are just pests."

Mrs Daniels said it was impossible to keep an eye on all the youngsters.

She is also worried they will put people off visiting the shop.

"People don't want to be harassed," she said.

Police have told Mrs Daniels to contact them if there are any further problems.

Shop staff now have a camera ready to capture the troublemakers on film.

Mrs Daniels launched the charity more than a decade ago with the aim of raising £1 million to buy a premises for a day care centre for sick children.

So far she has raised more than £200,000.

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