Plans to build a waste incinerator in Basildon could cause a drop in property prices, experts say.

Campaigners are to fight proposals for the waste burner in Courtauld Road, Burnt Mills, which they say will ruin the environment.

Basildon estate agents believe the development would have an adverse effect on the property market in Burnt Mills, which is already home to a sewage plant.

A spokesman for Church and Hawes in Southernhay, Basildon, said: "This would bring prices down sooner or later. There's already a problem there with the sewage plant, especially in the summer when the smell is more noticeable."

Ron Williams, Essex County Council member for planning, said the consequences depended on the process that would be used at the site.

Dedman estate agents, also in Southernhay, said the plans would make it even harder to sell homes in the area.

Ron Williams, Essex County Council cabinet member for strategic planning, said the plans were not far enough advanced to be commented upon,

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