Millions of TV viewers watched a gentle Somerset vicar reinvent himself as a second-hand car salesman - with the help of a Leigh firm.

Network Cars, based in London Road, transformed Nigel Dome from a well-spoken clergyman into an Essex dealer.

Channel 4 viewers saw the amazing challenge unfold on Faking It, which gives people the chance to try something completely different from their normal lives.

Nigel was shown being introduced to Dominic Littlewood, who runs Network Cars - renamed from Benson's Motor Company as seen in the film - and his salesman Chris Wilson, 38.

Dominic's first words of advice were "we're not liars but we do need to tell the odd porky pie" while Chris's first impression of Nigel was a "country bumpkin in a wax jacket".

The pair took Nigel to Lakeside for a makeover which included a hair cut and a look at a selection of gold sovereign rings.

Nigel, 32 and a father-of-two, agreed to grow a goatee to toughen up his image before being let loose on the car lot.

His first attempt saw him failing to sell a vehicle and admitting he felt "totally out of his depth".

Viewers watched Dominic, 35, send Nigel to a Chelmsford car auction with £1,000 and instructions to come back with a decent motor. He returned with a white E-reg Metro for £205.

Dominic was less impressed.

Nigel learnt his lesson and brought in a voice coach to teach him the Essex lingo.

The show ended with Nigel joining four legitimate salesman to try to convince professional dealers he had been in the trade for years.

He managed to sell a car and con two of the four judges into thinking he was the real deal.

Nigel said: "I'm really fed-up of cars now. But I will take away really good friendships and memories. I've enjoyed it immensely."

Dominic and Chris watched the programme in Somerset with Nigel at a huge party thrown to celebrate the occasion.

Dominic said: "At first I didn't want to, but when I watched previous episodes it looked like good fun."

Price checker - Nigel Dome, the vicar turned car salesman for a television programme

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