A desperate appeal has been made for an animal lover to come forward to give a forlorn horse "her last chance".

Lady Red, an Anglo Arab mare, appeared to have suffered a "breakdown" and became withdrawn when she arrived at Lorraine Hoskin's stables at Gouldings Farm, Vange.

Hay day - Sam Hoskin with forlorn Lady Red. Picture: TERENCE BUNCH 8DETT65M

Her daughter Samantha, a renowned horse whisperer, has cured many animals of problems which have led to bad behaviour after learning her techniques from the world-famous American horse whisperer, Monty Robert.

But the 18-year-old, of Princes Avenue, Corringham, met her match with nervous Lady Red.

Lorraine, 47, said: "Sam has gained Lady Red's confidence but is the only person who can go near her.

"It is just so heartbreaking to see what has happened to her. We used to be able to let children groom and ride her without supervision, but now the only way we can describe it is that she has had a breakdown and has shut herself away."

But Mrs Hoskin said: "Unfortunately we just cannot afford to keep her and she needs to trust others than just Sam.

"To give her one last chance she needs a field where she can maybe be with a companion and left alone."

Lorraine and Sam will still visit the horse every other day and would like to take her back after six to 12 months. Then they will train her again and find some new suitable owners who they will teach the methods Sam has been using.

If you can provide some land for the horse and are happy to work with the mother and daughter, call Lorraine on 01375 407160.

Published Thursday, March 21, 2002