A teenage biking enthusiast and his friend were robbed of their bikes in broad daylight in Canvey.

Glum - Sonny Wells, left, and his pal Matt White were robbed of their bikes. Picture: DAVE HENDERSON 8EFCC1

Today the mother of 13-year-old Sonny Wells told of how her son pursued the robbers to try to recover his rare £850 bike that he saved up to buy.

Now Linda Wells of Tantelen Road, Canvey, is hoping that the rarity of the bike will make it easily identifiable to police and members of the public.

Mrs Wells said: "My son and his friend were outside Canvey library and two teenage boys approached them."

Mrs Wells said: "One of them must have been looking at his bike for about 30 seconds, then he pushed my son hard on his chest and he came clear off the bike and landed flat on his back.

"They took my son's bike and his friend's bike and rode off. My son gave chase and they went into Mitchells Avenue."

As violence was used to steal the bike, a Saracen RJ Signature Mad Team Trials bike, the case has now been passed to detectives who are treating the incident as robbery.

There are only 50 bikes in the country like the one that Sonny owned, which was red, blue and white. The accomplice made off with the other boy's bike.

Anyone with information should contact Canvey police on 01268 511212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111

Published Thursday, March 21, 2002