A woman driver who attacked two late-night girl clubbers has been spared a prison sentence.

Lisa Pittaway, 28, broke the nose of one reveller and gave the other a black eye.

Pittaway, of Archer Avenue, Southend, was given a three-month prison sentence by the town's magistrates on two counts of common assault.

Yesterday, she lost her appeal at Basildon Crown Court against conviction but the jail sentence was replaced by 200 hours of community service.

One victim, Siobhan Phipps, said the incident began when she and friend Kirsty Hurrell left Talk nightclub in Southend.

They were walking across the road at traffic lights when Pittaway's car pulled up and she began shouting.

Ms Phipps said the driver got out and punched her in the face several times, breaking her nose.

Ms Hurrell described how she was nearly knocked down while crossing the road.

She and Pittaway exchanged words and Miss Hurrell admitted hitting out at her. Pittaway returned later to punch her in the face.

Pittaway, who has a previous conviction for causing actual bodily harm, alleged she was kicked in the brawl and clumps of hair were pulled out. She was ordered to pay £175 court costs.

Published Friday August 13, 2004

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