FREEZING conditions have caused Colchester’s roads to become riddled with potholes.

Motorists have struggled with potholes across the borough, including Whitehall Road, Berechurch Hall Road, Longridge, Defoe Crescent and Avon Way, since the recent cold snap.

Police briefly closed the A12 while they investigated a large pothole between the junctions at Marks Tey and Eight Ash Green on Wednesday.

Residents say ice has caused smaller potholes to break up and grow larger, and a councillor claims gritting salt has helped to create the holes.

Richard Smith said he could see quite a few holes outside his home in Berechurch Road.

He added: “If small potholes aren’t dealt with quickly, then freezing conditions make it worse.

“If they leave them, the water gets in, freezes and breaks it up.”

Martin Goss, a Mile End councillor, said he had reported a lot of potholes over the last few days.

He added: “The salt damages the tarmac where the road surface isn’t very good.

“It goes underneath the tarmac and basically creates potholes.”

Beverley Moore, of Longridge, said she had recently seen potholes in her road and in Avon Way and Hamlet Drive.

Jacky Rice, of Old Heath Road, said: “They are all around the roads in Colchester. Some of them are huge.”

Ian Collier, also of Old Heath Road, said: “The pavements are also covered in potholes.”

Nicola Spicer, Essex County Council spokesman, said: “The severe frost and snow, followed by heavy rain, has meant many more potholes, which we are attempting to fill as quickly as possible and with as little disruption to motorists as possible.”