STAFF at a Colchester cosmetics shop were getting in a lather over the Hunting Act, which they say is not being enforced.

Lush Cosmetics, in Sir Isaac’s Walk, has been holding a week-long campaign to highlight the plight of foxes, which it claims are still being hunted, despite the introduction of a ban in 2004.

Customers were invited to sign postcards addressed to the chief constable of Essex Police asking him to make the enforcement of the Hunting Act a priority.

Lush shop assistants wore homemade fox ears and tails and talked to customers about fox hunting, along with members of the campaign group, Hunt Saboteurs Association.

Sophia Lepage, from the store, said: “Fox hunting still goes on because the law is not being enforced.

“We want to highlight this fact and help support the work of the Hunt Saboteurs Association.”

The shop also launched a new bubble bar for the bath, called Fabulous Mrs Fox, and all the money from the sale of the product will go towards the cause.

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