A SITE that helped archaeologists discover more about Colchester’s history has become a “dumping ground”, according to residents living nearby.

The piece of land in St Peter’s Street, which backs on to Northgate Street, has been left undeveloped for almost a decade.

Colchester Archaeological Trust discovered the remains of a Roman Road, Roman wall and a well-preserved wooden Roman drain when they dug up the site last year.

There were calls then to have the Dutch Quarter site preserved as a tourist attraction.

But now, passers-by can peer over fencing and see an overgrown wasteland with its own swamp, dumped shopping trolleys and fast food debris.

The future of the site today remains uncertain, after the latest plans to build on the land were put on hold by developer, Enterprise Heritage.

Scott Berncastel, 30, of Northgate Street, said he thought the site was a danger zone that needed to be tackled.

He said: “It has become a dumping ground. All the youngsters come past and all their rubbish is thrown in there. It brings the whole street down. I would like to see something done there.

“It could be quite dangerous if children decide to mess around in there.”

Ken Cooke, also of Northgate Street, said: “I would have loved to have seen the council preserve the site and encase the findings in silicone, so it could be there to be enjoyed by visitors to the town.

“It must be one of the historic marvels of the town, if not the country, but now it’s just a complete mess.”

Town houses were originally planned for the site.

Site owner Enterprise Heritage said it had put the plans on hold, but would be holding a meeting about the proposed development.

Peter Stocking, a spokesman for the company, said: “I am hoping something will happen there shortly.”