A PRIMARY school has banned brightly-coloured bracelets after parents found out children were calling them “shagbands”.

The different colours of these bracelet are said to represent different sexual acts.

Headteacher Andy Wright, of Rayne Primary School, near Braintree, sent out letters to parents this week to announce the ban.

Mum-of-three Andrea El-ward, 46, whose daughter goes to the school, said: “The children have been walking round with these rubber bands on calling them shagbands.

“My ten-year-old daughter came home from school and said her friends had got these bands and could she have a set.

“Then she went red and giggled when she explained they were called shagbands.

“I said absolutely not. It says a lot about the parents whose children are walking round with these things.

“I had a word with the head and they banned them immediately.”

Mr Wright said: “I hadn’t even noticed the bracelets. Mrs Elwood drew it to my attention.

“I wouldn’t expect children at primary school age would have a clue about the connotation.”

Mr Wright’s letter reminded parents about the school’s jewellery ban and also advised them to look on the internet for more information about the bracelets.