A MYSTERY cycling campaigner has admitted he was responsible for the “ghost bike” which appeared on the spot where a young cyclist died.

Reader Derek Balcombe, contacted the Gazette on behalf of the mystery man, after reading our appeal for information about the bike’s recent appearance, in Greenstead Road, Colchester.

The cycle – painted white all over – was chained to a road sign near the spot where 16-year-old Daniel Andrew was killed, in June last year.

Daniel’s relatives and friends were baffled by the appearance of the bike and had been keen to find out who put it there and why.

Mr Balcombe said the mystery man lived in the Colchester area and added: “The man who did it does not want to be named, because he is worried about any negativity. He is a keen cyclist and enthusiast, on the fringes of the Colchester Council cycling campaign.

“He heard about this ghost bike scheme in America and thought it would be a fitting memorial for young Daniel, who was sadly killed last year.

“He thought it might make motorists and cyclists think.”

Mr Balcombe added it was possible more ghost bikes might appear in future.

He said: “He hopes he doesn’t have reason to put others in Colchester but if sadly, there was another occasion to put up a ghost bike following a horrendous accident, he is of a mind to mark that tragedy, too.”

Daniel’s father, Mark Andrew, said: “The feedback we have had about the bike appears to be no negativity at all.

“I drove down there yesterday to look at it and if I hadn’t been warned, it would have been a bit shocking.

“My only other concern is I don’t want it to distract motorists or cyclists and cause another collision.

“Otherwise, we haven’t a problem with it and think it is a fitting memorial.”

* Daniel died after being hit by a car, driven by speeding motorist Muhammad Riaz, 29, of Mersea Road, Colchester. He was driving at 42mph in a 30mph area when he hit Daniel, Colchester magistrates were told last November. He was fined £500 and banned from driving for a year after admitting careless driving.