TIME hasn’t healed the pain Patricia Bingley has felt since terrorists killed her only son.

Kevin Dennis was on the 101st floor of the north tower of the World Trade Centre, in New York, eight years ago when two planes being flown by al-Qaeda terrorists crashed into the buildings.

He was among nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks.

Mrs Bingley says her son’s death gets harder to cope with every year, so it is perhaps surprising she says the UK should pull its troops out of Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda has a major presence.

The 74-year-old believes the Government should concentrate on protecting our borders instead of hunting down terrorists abroad.

She says she will be in fear of a terrorist attack when she visits Grosvenor Square, in London, today, to lay a card and a single rose at a memorial service for the families of 9/11 victims.

Mrs Bingley, of Dunthorpe Road, Clacton, said: “I am always very nervous when I go to London. I always think, ‘I hope we get home safely’.”

Mrs Bingley is certain there will be a major terrorist attack in the UK, unless more effort is put into border controls and checking the backgrounds of immigrants.

She said: “We have to be as safe as we can within our own country. Our borders are not protected as well as they should be.”

Mrs Bingley believes the UK’s efforts abroad are not having any effect on terrorism, and soldiers are being killed needlessly.

She added: “There are more terrorists who are prepared to die for what they think they are accomplishing. If you kill 10,000, another 10,000 will come up.

“I believe, before there are any more soldiers killed, they should bring them home.

“How many mothers’ sons are going to be killed?

“I am furious because I know what it is like to lose a son. They are losing their sons to terrorism and I lost my son to terrorism. It is such a waste.”

Kevin worked in New York as a stockbroker for Cantor Fitzgerald.

As she has done every year since 9/11, Mrs Bingley will today attend the London memorial.

The card she will lay in memory of her son reads: “Dearest Kevin, it has been now eight years since we lost you and it does not get any better. You are always in our thoughts and we miss you more and more every day.”

Mrs Bingley said: “I just feel it is my only way of saying it to him because it is always in my mind.

“I cry at the memorial, but then I cry nearly every day at some time or other.

“This time of year they have so much about it on TV, and I find it harder to cope with as I get older.

“He was my only child. I miss him in every way – his phone calls, his laughter and the funny jokes he used to tell me. I was very lucky to have him for 43 years.”

Mrs Bingley revealed she has lost contact with her twin grandsons, Ryan and Elliott. Kevin’s wife, Debra, cut contact with Mrs Bingley after she revealed in a newspaper interview the boys had been conceived by IVF treatment.

She phoned Debra a few months ago, but was rebuffed, and now fears she may never see her grandchildren again.

She said: “I don’t understand why she has done this. I could have been such a help to her.”