RESIDENTS have welcomed the news double yellow lines are to be painted on the road outside their homes.

Groves Close, Colchester, is to get parking restrictions as a result of residents’ complaints about commuters parking there to avoid paying to park at Colchester North station.

The parked cars angered householders in the Mile End street and prompted worries they might block access for emergency vehicles.

Resident Susannah Pettitt said the road was frequently blocked, making it hard for local families to get their cars in and out of their garages.

She added: “The commuters start arriving at 5am and we get woken up with slamming doors and revving engines.

“It’s always the same cars. My husband has spoken to some of them, but they just tell us the road is anyone’s to park on.

“You often can’t get all the way up the road, which could be very dangerous if there was a fire.”

Dr Pettitt, whose husband, Andrew, commutes to London daily, said yellow lines were the best solution.

Neighbour Zak Eddleston agreed, recalling how commuters often even parked in his home’s own numbered parking space. He said: “We’re paying for that and it’s being abused by other people. After the lines are done, it needs a traffic warden to come down and hand out tickets, if it is to properly deter people.”

Essex County Council is due to paint the lines later this year, with developer Hopkins Homes funding the work.

Martin Goss, borough councillor for the ward, said: “I have no sympathy for commuters who park in Mile End.

“They should be parking in the car park, not causing problems in residential streets where people have paid a premium to live near the station.”