LED Zeppelin fans do not have a whole lotta love for Cream bassist Jack Bruce, the legendary Colchester-based musician has revealed.

The veteran rock superstar says he received death threats after mocking rivals Led Zep in a jokey interview two years ago.

The 66-year-old, who lives near Bures and has a son at school in Colchester, said: “Some Led Zeppelin fans were really angry at me and I had a few death threats – they’re not likely to find me out here though!

“People like me tend to forget that with YouTube and Twitter, you can’t say anything without it getting around the world.

“We always used to have a pop at other bands in the old days and that was all it was.

“It was like I had spoken out against the Queen or something. You obviously can’t say anything against Led Zeppelin.”

Speaking to journalists in 2007, Mr Bruce said Led Zeppelin’s comeback gig in London was “lame”, adding: “Cream is ten times the band Led Zeppelin is.”

Back in business after a liver transplant five years ago, the seasoned performer is currently touring with guitarist Steve Trower and drummer Gary Husband.

His daughter Natascha, 26, who studied at Colchester Sixth Form College and was in the Colchester Youth Orchestra, is a singer-songwriter and recently released an album.

His son Jack junior plays drums and has attended Saturday jam sessions at Colchester Institute.