A MOTHER has called for a policeman to be sacked for bombarding her teenage daughter’s phone with “inappropriate” text messages.

PC Matthew Langford, based at Colchester, sent messages to the 18-year-old after meeting her at her home following her temporary disappearance. The teenager was reported missing by her mother after a night out on Thursday, May 28.

She turned up four hours later and PC Langford came to her home the next day to return photographs her mother had given to police.

The PC later sent her texts which read “Ur gorgeous!!”, “U should be a model X”, and “I have never seen anyone as gorgeous as u B4!”.

PC Langford, thought to be in his twenties, is believed to have obtained the girl’s mobile phone number from the incident reports. The girl’s mother, who asked not to be named, said: “She had been up all night and she was in a terrible state when she came home. She didn’t even lift her head to look at him.

“My daughter was petrified of him and is scared of the police now.

“I just don’t feel he should still be on the beat, because she is scared of bumping into him. He should have lost his job.”

Police spokesman Helen Cook said: “We have apologised to the complainants. The officer has been made fully aware his actions were unacceptable and he has written a personal apology to the complainant.

“The officer was dealt with by a senior officer, using the local resolution complaints procedure, on the understanding this was acceptable to the complainant.”

The girl’s mother says the family plans to appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.